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The UK energy market is undergoing a rapid, historic transformation as emerging technologies and the pressures of climate change converge. Not only are domestic energy users making greater use of low carbon technologies (LCTs) such as solar panels and electric vehicles, but businesses are digitalising to allow for increased flexibility and optimised processes, thanks to smart control systems and the introduction of a ‘grid of things’.

The traditional Distribution Network Operator (DNO) model is also being challenged as generation is distributed and demand fluctuates at greater rates. However, this is not happening in isolation, so it is important that we look to gain from the learnings from other countries to ensure that the necessary changes to the energy networks are successful in managing the shifting state of the market.

ElectraLink has been in conversation with GB DNOs to find out how we can work with them to facilitate the DSO transition. The transition cannot happen without open, transparent data as market participants need to be able to plan ahead, recognise trends and manage assets remotely.

The grid of things: worldwide lessons for British DSOs, our Data and Transformation team’s paper on how the UK’s electricity system can prepare for the DSO transition, is now available. Following the publication of Flexibility Platforms in electricity markets, the sixth edition of Ofgem’s Future Insights Series, our paper is a timely contribution to the conversation on Britain’s energy future.

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Please feel free to contact our communications team at [email protected] with any questions or queries on ElectraLink’s role within the UK’s DNO-DSO transition.