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ElectraLink’s Chief Executive Stuart Lacey was featured last month in the New Power Report’s monthly interview spot. The interview covered a range of topics including:

  • The growth of the Data Transfer Service (DTS) and how costs have decreased as the technology has developed and more users have joined
  • How we are building on the success of the DTS through the development of the Energy Market Data Hub (EMDH), which will encourage innovation and foster data-driven approaches to problem-solving
  • ElectraLink’s data transfer tool, FlowBuilder, which allows DTS Users to ensure data flows can be processed on their systems before they are rolled out for market use – allowing market processes to run more efficiently. Users can also create their own flows, reducing the process backlogs of the past. This tool will facilitate innovation, market collaboration and competition.
  • How ElectraLink is using our collection of half-hourly data during the settlement process to identify instances of embedded generation and the value this data is offering organisations such as National Grid – enabling them to forecast levels of supply and demand which reduces the need for costly contingency plans
  • Our meticulous but evolving governance processes that ensure that our provision of data and services are aligned with data laws, particularly General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), guaranteeing that personal data is protected and secure and is used in a way that will benefit consumers
  • How ElectraLink is working closely with the networks to improve the visibility of their data and their ability to share data with each other, ultimately assisting with demand forecasting and potentially being able to identify errors and required maintenance
  • The need for code governance to adapt to meet the changing energy market, with the Retail Energy Code (REC) being a significant step in the right direction – moving away from spending months making code changes to a system that can flex and adapt to rapid market developments
  • The work we are doing with the Data Communications Company (DCC) to integrate the DTS with the Central Switching Service. This is a fundamental stream where we can deliver benefits very closely to consumers through giving accurate bill predictions and enabling future switches to occur quickly.

Click here to read Stuart’s full interview. Please feel free to contact our communications team at [email protected] with any questions or queries about our role in the energy market.