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Harvey Jones has served on the ElectraLink board for 11 years during one of the company’s greatest periods of growth and one of the energy market’s most intense periods of transformation. Harvey explains his place in the energy sector and why ElectraLink is an essential part of the energy industry.

What led you to a life in the energy sector?

I enjoyed and am interested in electrical engineering which led me to work in the energy sector.  I also liked (and still like) the idea that what we do really matters to our customers. Whilst I am sure most businesses can say the same, I think a lack of a basic service like energy or water is a different level of hardship to most other services and therefore critical to our customers.

What is your current role outside of ElectraLink and some core responsibilities?

I am Head of Smart Metering at Northern Powergrid. This involves running the Northern Powergrid metering asset rental business and managing the smart meter related systems and processes for the network operator company. I have a team of 30 people.

What do you think the role is of central bodies like ElectraLink in the energy industry?

The central bodies are essential in ensuring the smooth functioning of the industry, from both a governance and systems perspective. Most people outside our industry are unaware of the amount of work involved in industry data management, administration, change management and data processing but without it the industry would simply not be able to function. In the future the facilitation of access to data and information will be key to all central bodies.

Why did you choose to join ElectraLink’s board?

I chose to join the board so that I could become more involved in understanding and managing the Data Transfer Service (DTS) as its outputs were a large part of my role at the time. I also joined to gain personal experience in operating as a non-executive director.

What was the most standout moment for ElectraLink during your time as a board member?

Whilst there have been many in my time with ElectraLink, I would say that the first ElectraLink engagement day was an outstanding moment, in that I could see the hard work and creativity of all the team at ElectraLink starting to come to fruition. I was very impressed by the professionalism of all the team at that event.

Where would you like to see ElectraLink in 5 years?

I hope that ElectraLink will go from strength to strength, with a move to being the data hub for the energy and water industries and facilitating the more complex markets where peer-to-peer trading is a daily occurrence.

When you’re not tackling some tough challenges in the energy industry, what do you do for fun?

I love to play tennis (badly) and ride my bike (slowly). I play the guitar in a ceilidh band. I also spend a lot of time taking my teenage daughter to various events – which I am also told I like to do.