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ElectraLink is pleased to announce that from today we are making the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP) accessible in a digital format through CodeNavigator – a web-based tool that will introduce greater efficiency to code management and make it easier for Code Members to ensure compliance. ElectraLink is the UK’s first energy code manager to introduce this innovation to the market.

CodeNavigator has been developed in response to feedback from stakeholders, the SMICoP Governance Board and Ofgem. The tool enables users to easily find the information – including obligations – that is relevant to them without having to spend time sifting through the endless papers or PDF pages. CodeNavigator includes search, chapter breakdown, index and glossary tabs. It also provides a navigation feature that sorts the Code according to the nature of the user; a significant milestone for the demystification of the codes, as it enables customers to find the obligations that are relevant to them.

This is just the first of ElectraLink’s projects to introduce digitisation to the UK’s energy code landscape and marks a significant step towards making the energy market more accessible and more competitive, which we believe will deliver better deals and service levels for consumers.

We plan to roll out digitisation to the other codes we manage in due course and hope the rest of the market will follow. We believe these steps are essential for the market to keep up with the pace of change. We also believe that digitisation is in keeping with the direction of travel for the new Retail Energy Code (REC) and will be a necessity for the REC’s delivery to market and ongoing management.

The launch of CodeNavigator coincides with a series of new, updated websites which ElectraLink is applying to several of the codes it manages, with the new SMICoP website going live today and the Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) and the Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA) websites coming soon. ElectraLink is also launching a new Energy Theft website for both the Theft Risk Assessment Service (TRAS) and the Energy Theft Tip-off Service (ETTOS).

View our full press release here.

For more information, please contact the SMICoP team at [email protected]. For media queries, please email [email protected]