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In late 2018, ElectraLink launched FlowBuilder, a solution for our Data Transfer Service (DTS) Users. FlowBuilder helps DTS Users design, amend, test and share message templates that can be loaded onto the DTS, allowing swift upgrading and testing in systems in time for catalogue changes and new industry requirements.

FlowBuilder also facilitates information sharing in bi-lateral arrangements, providing opportunities for more cross-industry collaborations and innovation projects with unique data-sharing requirements.

There are a number of circumstances where FlowBuilder can benefit users, one such case study occurred recently when one of our DTS Users wanted to test the impact on their systems of a new message being added to the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC). Because FlowBuilder allows DTS Users to test a pre-published DTC flow, we were able to pro-actively create a new message template that mirrored the upcoming DTC change scheduled to take place on 26 June. The new template was made available through WebTools for the DTS User to create flows using the D-FlowMaster tool and send over the DTS, if they wished.

Using FlowBuilder to achieve this, the DTS User reduced their internal development time and therefore cost associated with the upcoming catalogue change.

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Please feel free to get in touch with any further questions at [email protected].

This successful use of FlowBuilder is an example of how ElectraLink is constantly innovating to support the transformation of the utility markets. Data transfer tools such as FlowBuilder enable collaboration as well as innovation as the energy market transitions to a smart, low-carbon, digitised future.

Due to constant challenges and advancements, and the pressures of transformation, the utilities sector often experiences process bottlenecks and delays, meaning small changes to business-as-usual activities can take months to be adopted and implemented. To reduce these delays, FlowBuilder and our other Energy Market Data Hub (EMDH) solutions provide a pathway to expediate data sharing and analysis to ensure that data is easily and rapidly available.

Before you go, we would be extremely grateful if you would spare 2 minutes of your time to complete our FlowBuilder survey to help us understand what else we can do to improve our services for the energy market:

Contact our DTS team at [email protected] or on 020 7432 3012 for more info on how FlowBuilder can work for you.