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ElectraLink, code manager of SPAA, is delighted to announce that the Erroneous Transfer Performance Assurance Board (ETPAB) is being launched today to begin overseeing the UK’s first joined-up, dual fuel Erroneous Transfer (ET) performance assurance framework. This framework is being set up following Change Proposals to the MRA and the SPAA, which are due for implementation yesterday and today respectively. The board will be established as a joint sub-committee of both the MRA Executive Committee and the SPAA Executive Committee.

The introduction of an ET performance assurance framework mirrored in both SPAA and MRA governance is expected to assist suppliers in reducing the number of ET incidents and to minimise the time taken for suppliers to resolve ET escalations and queries. The joined-up approach demonstrates the potential of the upcoming Retail Energy Code (REC) to unite multiple existing codes and provide consistent guidelines across governance processes.

The scope of the ETPAB will be to monitor energy suppliers’ performance in relation to their obligations as set out in SPAA and the MRA. The board will also have the potential to identify best practice approaches which can be shared more widely with industry. These functions among others will bring greater dialogue between electricity and gas markets in the UK and transform the traditionally siloed approach to energy governance.

Initially, the aim is for the ETPAB to be provided with the Ofgem ET reporting sourced centrally from the Data Transfer Network (DTN) to ensure that there will no immediate data provision requirement for suppliers. In the longer term, the ETPAB will focus on defining appropriate reporting and analysis to measure ET performance and associated risks to it.