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May 2019 switching figures from ElectraLink published today reveal that the spike in switching activity that dominated March and April 2019 levelled out last month. Switches in May 2019 totalled 489,000, 0.2% more than May 2018’s total of 488,000 switches, but 37% less than April 2019’s record-breaking 669,000 switches.

Switches for 2019 totalled 2,611,000 at the end of May – 17% more than the 2,236,000 switches that occurred during the first five months of 2018.

Despite the drop in switching overall, 197,000 customers moved to newer market entrants from the more traditional Big Six last month – over 40% of May’s total switches. While established challenger suppliers saw a net gain of 115,000 customers and the newest market entrants had a net gain of 22,000 customers, the Big Six brought onboard 58,000 customers from other suppliers.

In terms of customer types, 470,000 domestic customers switched in May, followed by 16,000 SME customers. There was a 25% drop for domestic switches and almost 50% drop in SME switches in May compared to April 2019. However, these figures mirror the changes compared to the same period in 2018.


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  • The above figures relate to electricity switching in Great Britain only.
  • All data is provided by ElectraLink’s Energy Market Insights (EMI) team.
  • ElectraLink has been granted the governance protections to hold, transfer and analyse switching and other data.