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On Wednesday, 3 April 2019, ElectraLink hosted our fifth Engagement Day, ElectraLink Host: Energy: a market in transformation in London. We were delighted with the sizeable turnout, widespread participation and positive feedback from attendees, and received a large amount of specific feedback on a range of topics, presentations, panels and industry concerns from the event.

During the day’s breakout discussions, attendees were provided opportunities to feedback on presentations and ElectraLink’s launch of the National Revenue Protection Service (NRPS), our newest theft-related service, and the Energy Market Data Hub (EMDH).

Attendees’ feedback on the theft sessions revealed that industry felt that, while significant progress has been made in tackling energy theft, there was still more that could be done. It emerged that a single approach for the whole supply industry was the preferred method for detecting and eliminating theft. Market participants also confirmed that data quality and value for money were key to making any improvements.

Early feedback on the EMDH indicated attendees’ interest in the solutions and opportunities that the platform offers. Attendees suggested that industry engagement, particularly with smaller market participants, would be necessary to increase recognition and use of the EMDH’s individual solutions. Alongside this, use cases, sandboxes and demonstrated cost-savings were acknowledged as necessary to show the value of the EMDH to the energy market. Attendees indicated that data accuracy and access is a prevailing challenge to their operations – a challenge that the EMDH can overcome.

During the day’s panel sessions, we also collected questions and comments from attendees through, a web-based audience engagement platform, and did our best to ensure the panellists responded to as many submissions as possible. However, attendees sent through several dozen questions and comments which panellists were unable to respond to on the day. Energy market experts from ElectraLink’s various business areas have responded to the remaining submissions to give our stance on a range of topics – including our Third-Party Intermediary Code of Practice (TPICoP), theft services, EMDH and energy systems transformation – and concerns at the forefront of the market’s transformation.

We have produced a more detailed report, including challenges faced by industry; recommendations on the EMDH, TPICoP and NRPS; and all the questions and comments within our remit. You can view and download the full report here.

Our next Engagement Day of 2019 will take place later this year. Please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates, reminders and announcements.

If you have any questions or comments for our teams, or suggestions of your own on how we can improve our services, please email [email protected] and we will pass your queries to the relevant person.