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Wednesday, 3 April saw us host our fifth Engagement Day – ElectraLink Host: Energy, a market in transformation. The event was a complete success with lots of positive feedback from the 115 attendees, our highest-ever attendance level. We had plenty of topics to cover, ranging from regulatory activities to technological innovation, with discussion throughout the day focusing on:

  • how the energy market is transforming with the emergence of new challenges and issues, including energy code processes, revenue protection and the need to decarbonise,
  • how market participants are responding to emerging industry trends, including through new technologies, new partnerships and greater use of data-driven solutions, and
  • What ElectraLink, as procurers of the Data Transfer Service and other data solutions, can do to facilitate transformation while reducing costs to customers.

We also launched the Energy Market Data Hub (EMDH) – a new, smart innovation platform that brings together all of the products, services and solutions that ElectraLink offers. Through the EMDH, the UK energy and utilities industry will have a platform combining agile, public cloud technology and the necessary governance protections to use market data to pursue transformation and innovation programs. Not only will ElectraLink have the ability to develop software solutions, but EMDH customers will also have the option to  to ‘BYO’ or ‘build your own’ solutions for the utilities market.

Attendees also got involved in breakout sessions to provide feedback on ElectraLink’s National Revenue Protection Service pilot and the EMDH. Attendees also participated in some lively panel discussions on microbusinesses and the transformation of the energy system, pitching questions to panellists from Ofgem, Citizens Advice, DNOs and other organisations.

External speakers included Mary Starks, Ofgem’s Executive Director of Consumers and Markets, and Colm Murphy, National Grid’s Head of Electricity Market Change Delivery. Starks spoke on the regulator’s view of the transforming market and where innovation needs to be promoted to allow change to occur swiftly and effectively, particularly in switching, smart metering, code management and data solutions. You can read Starks’ full speech by clicking here.

Murphy used his speaking slot to explain the electricity system operator’s approaches to, in their view, the main drivers of industry change: decentralisation, digitisation and decarbonisation. Murphy informed attendees that National Grid was engaged in projects in data, innovation and network development, as well as looking at reforms in charging and balance services, where market participants can work together to respond to market changes.

We will shortly be publishing a report covering the event’s learnings, outcomes and feedback. Those who were unable to attend can download the slide pack by clicking here. You can also see social media updates from the event on our Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

Please keep checking ElectraLink’s website and social media channels for other upcoming events.

For more information on the EMDH, please see the official press release by clicking here. For inquiries, please feel free to contact Chris Lane at [email protected].