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From 28 June 2019, UK energy suppliers will be required to send Debt Assignment Protocol (DAP) messages over the DTS. The requirements for DAP data flows arise from supplier demands to enable more fluid supplier switching and recovery of customer debt.

DAP enables a supplier, whose customer is switching to a new supplier, to transfer the customer’s debt to that new supplier. Using the secure and trusted DTS to transfer DAP messages will prevent debt-related objections to change of supply, therefore improving customer mobility and debt recovery.

The changes to DAP, which will be implemented under SPAA, will enable suppliers to send DAP messages over the DTS as they already do for other gas data flows, including RET, NOSI and SAR.

The DTS has already been configured to enable suppliers to test sending and receiving of DAP flows.

Suppliers will also have the option to validate incoming and outgoing DAP and other gas flow messages through the DTS to ensure messages meet formatting requirements. Validation will be available from 9 March 2019.

ElectraLink’s expertise and work in governance of SPAA, and as operators of the energy industry’s DTS, has empowered us to provide effective solutions to improve cost reduction, efficiency and innovation in the energy market. Our involvement in assisting suppliers with DAP messages is part of our mission to be the bridge that underpins the transformation of the utility markets.

For more information on DAP data flows on the DTS, please contact [email protected] or call 020 7432 3012. Please contact Neil Brinkley at [email protected] for information on SPAA and governance.