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The UK energy market is going through a period of rapid and dramatic transformation and ElectraLink, as a central body at the heart of the energy industry, continues to grow and adapt to meet these changing needs.

The latest step in our growth is to open a second office in Nottingham, allowing us to expand our base beyond London and increase our capability.

While we recognise the value of our base in London and will always continue to have an office there, we feel by opening a second office in Nottingham we will open ourselves up to a whole new pool of talent.

This second office will also offer our non-London based customers an alternative to traveling to London when they wish to come and meet with us. With excellent transport links, and being in the middle of the country, Nottingham seemed like the obvious choice for a central body serving the whole of the UK energy market.

This expansion will allow us to meet the growing need for our services. In 2017 alone we increased our headcount by 46% and that growth is set to continue.  There is a vast talent pool in Nottingham and the surrounding East Midlands, so our new office broadens our scope to recruit good people with the right skills.

To see what roles we have available and better understand the benefits of joining our dynamic team click here and visit our career page.