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At ElectraLink we see solving the energy industry’s problems as central to what we do. We don’t wait for the market to identify problems, we use our market intelligence to anticipate issues and generate solutions. One such problem faced by the energy industry is theft and the lack of National Revenue Protection Service (NRPS) providers in the market.

ElectraLink is uniquely placed to help the industry to reduce the loss of energy, due to theft. In 2016 we implemented the Theft Risk Assessment Service (TRAS) and developed the subsequent gas and electricity incentive schemes. We have since developed a service to provide smaller and challenger energy suppliers with a full end to end investigation and detection service.

This service allows signatories to comply with their licence condition to investigate, identify, prevent and deter energy theft. This service includes both field-based and desktop investigations – significantly reducing the burden and cost to energy suppliers.

The field-based investigations will be undertaken by a company called Haste, who have been doing Revenue Protection since 2015. The contract management, desktop investigation and administration of the service will be undertaken by ElectraLink.

The National Revenue Protection Service is currently in its pilot stage so is not available to the whole of market yet, rather a small selection of suppliers. However, the pilot is due to end in February/March 2019, after which we aim to roll this out as an enduring service.