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ElectraLink, the UK’s Energy Market Data Hub (EMDH), has created a new Application Programming Interface (API) on top of the existing EMDH platform which will provide instantaneous access to data.  An API is a mechanism for secure, real-time access to the data within the EMDH operating system, either through manual queries made within the API portal or automated machine to machine data look ups.

British Gas is the first supplier in the GB energy market to utilise this API technology to access Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC) information held on the EMDH allowing for more accurate billing, details of Erroneous Transfers (ET’s) and address details. This customer specific data will streamline the switching process and improve the experience for customers wishing to change suppliers. The BG API enables customers to obtain precise quotes, set Direct Debits and have confidence in the accuracy of their switch using the most up to date energy market data available.

The API platform developed by ElectraLink allows energy market participants to access the complete Data Transfer Service (DTS) dataset on an on-demand basis while maintaining the required governance which ensures it is used correctly and securely.

Paul Linnane, Energy Market Insight Business Lead at ElectraLink said: “Given the significance of energy market data in empowering an innovative energy market, Electralink has been working with suppliers and other market participants to put in place the governance and technology needed to make the most of the data generated by energy market processes.”

“Making this data available to a wide array of pioneering companies who are bringing innovation to the energy market can only improve the end customers’ experience. British Gas is leading the charge in utilising energy market data to improve the switching process for consumers. This is an important milestone for ElectraLink as it provides much needed access to whole of energy market data for the future leaders of the sector.”