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ElectraLink Hosts ‘Best Engagement Event Yet’ at Innovative London Venue, The Crystal

ElectraLink held its fourth Engagement Day, ‘Energy Innovation, So What Else is New?’ at The Crystal, Royal Victoria Docks, on Monday 24th September, attracting over 100 energy market participants from across the UK.

Individuals from different parts of the industry came to hear short presentations from ElectraLink, David Richardson from Innovate UK and Greg Jackson from Octopus Energy. These were followed by ‘breakout sessions’ enabling audience members to ask questions, share their views, and to collaboratively discuss issues and solutions that they are impacted by as well as to debate and discuss those which are continuing to affect the energy industry more broadly.

ElectraLink’s CEO, Stuart Lacey, opened the event by commenting that a very dynamic and interconnected marketplace makes it an interesting place to be. However, referring to ElectraLink’s data, which reveals a staggering 65% of consumers have never switched energy supplier, he questioned how a collaborative industry can offset a disengaged and varied demographic through the facilitation of innovation.

Feedback from the event has been overwhelmingly positive, with the new ‘breakout’ format a resounding success The Crystal, an innovative and sustainable initiative by Siemens, was framed in the sunlight by the Emirates cable cars which not only aptly demonstrated state-of-the-art technology, a recurring theme during the day, but which also provided a useful means of transport home once the afternoon’s drinks were finished.

A combination of high-level strategy combined with discussion on the granularity of the market further illustrated its complexities. Detailed notes from the breakout sessions can be found here. If you have any questions about the day or would like to speak to someone at ElectraLink about any of the issues raised, then please get in touch by calling 0207 432 3000 or by emailing [email protected].

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Innovators are looking to jump-start customer engagement in the UK retail energy market. Central to this is easy access to data and improved transparency, greater consumer engagement and timely, reliable switching mechanisms.

To read how ElectraLink is using its central position in the energy market to support innovation, access our white paper via this link:  Market Development White Paper

For those unable to attend and for anyone seeking further information about the day we have published the presentation slides here