Supporting a Smart and Flexible Future – Our Innovation Event is Almost Here!

September 13, 2018

ElectraLink, alongside most of the energy sector, is a big supporter of innovation. A ‘buzzword’ for quite some time, ‘innovation’ is not new, nor is the widespread knowledge that the market is changing and therefore so must we all, if we are to survive.  But it is all happening at such a rate that it is often hard to navigate or to determine the most appropriate solution.

A renewables revolution is taking place as the transition to green energy continues, with Electric Vehicles now representing a small, but rapidly growing, section of the transport market.  Energy storage is set to affect the entire electricity value chain alongside distributed generation and demand-side response which will enable customers to have access to new products, and to benefit from new providers entering the market, offering a range of services.

The introduction of the Retail Energy Code (REC) will have a profound effect on the existing regulatory landscape by replacing multiple existing codes and facilitating competition, customer choice and reduced costs through faster switching. New technology and governance arrangements that are centralised and more consolidated will lead to successful market transformation.

And what about data? It has never been more important.  It is essential for it to remain at the heart of industry processes, through constant innovation and excellent service performance. It has a plethora of uses, but we see businesses of the future having access to real-time data with predictive analytics and insights which create an efficient and effective network, cutting costs for both businesses, and consumers.

Our staff are looking forward to walking you through some of these relevant discussion topics, alongside some fantastic speakers.  Our short presentations will be followed by breakout sessions, as we want to hear from others in the sector.  What do you think about what is happening in your business?  And across the UK energy market?

We are hugely excited to be hosting this event, are you coming?  Email if you have any questions or would like to be part of the day.