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ElectraLink has refreshed its online searchable catalogue which documents metering flows so that it is even more user-friendly.  The catalogue has just been published and sets out how metering agents must communicate with their suppliers to maintain and improve gas market data quality.


In 2004, the foundations of these processes were set in Retail Gas Metering Arrangements (RGMA) Baseline and introduced with the emergence of competition for meter services.  Governed by the Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA), the RGMA Baseline document defines standard flow formats and data item attributes for transferring information regarding installation, exchange and removal of meters, and transfer of information following Change of Supplier or change of Meter Asset Manager (MAM).

In 2016, ElectraLink led a review of the RGMA Baseline to streamline the documentation and introduce an online RGMA data flow catalogue.  This catalogue was implemented in June 2017 and includes the following searchable and downloadable documents:

  • RGMA Baseline – defining the end to end processes, exceptions and guidance for designing data flows;
  • Annex A – describes the specification and notation used to describe data flows and data items;
  • Annex B – contains the data flow catalogue;
  • Annex C – contains the data item catalogue, holding definitions for all data items referenced in Annex B; and
  • Annex D – lists the domain definitions for the data items listed in Annex C.

Why has ElectraLink updated and refreshed this catalogue?

Having a common set of data items and data flows ensures interoperability between parties who do not have contractual relationships. Conversion of the RGMA Baseline into a user-friendly online tool enabled ElectraLink and industry participants to carry out a further review focusing on the contents of the RGMA data flows.

What has changed?

The latest version improves metering data quality by mandating the transfer of key data items, improves the visibility of Meter Asset Provider (MAP) ID to enable MAMs to send updates to the relevant MAP and to populate information regarding RGMA data items that was not historically included in the baseline documentation.

What does this mean for the industry?

ElectraLink’s extensive industry review resulted in several SPAA Change Proposals being progressed and implemented on 29 June 2018.  The updated online RGMA catalogue facilitates improvements to industry data quality.  It has now been published on the SPAA website and can be found here.