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For twenty years, ElectraLink has supported the evolution of the energy market with the delivery of the Data Transfer Service, with a unique opportunity in 2018 to re-engineer the service for the future through innovation via the design of the Energy Market Data Hub (EMDH).  ElectraLink is continually investing in the Data Transfer Service to provide data to support changing industry processes, and crucially, with the appropriate governance to allow all market players appropriate access to  DTS data which is in place and operating.

Positively received proof of concepts ensure the EMDH is designed with customers and their ‘pain points’ in mind, providing the data and insights that customers need, and when they need it. As the pace of market transformation increases data quality is impacting cost to serve, quality and customer experience

ElectraLink is pleased to announce Flow Builder will be introduced in the last quarter of 2018 following a successful trial. Flow Builder is a graphical tool enabling users to create new flows based on the Data Transfer Catalogue, and then to use the new flows on the DTS, utilising the full suite of available auditing, translation and validation tools.

Flow Builder can be used to create bespoke flows for use on a bilateral commercial basis with industry partners. Alternatively, users may prefer to use FlowBuilder to prototype DTC change proposals before submitting them for formal change approval. Flow Builder can be used to test upcoming DTC changes before they ‘go live’. For more information, please contact [email protected].