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ElectraLink, the energy market data hub and expert provider of governance services has been appointed to manage the Electricity Theft Detection Incentive Service (ETDIS), on behalf of the energy industry, following previous collaboration with the sector on its design.

The success of the Gas Theft Detection Incentive Service (GTDIS) implementation in June 2017, led to the development of the Electricity Theft Detection Incentive Scheme (ETDIS) which has now gained Ofgem approval of DCUSA Change Proposal 288. The new electricity scheme is a ‘mirror’ of its gas counterpart and readiness activities have commenced in advance of the 1st June 2018 implementation date.

ElectraLink is also able to receive and distribute monies on behalf of the energy industry, which it will continue to do for GTDIS and ETDIS, and it will also continue to oversee the redistribution of gas PPM funds.

Back in April 2014, ElectraLink was appointed as the dual fuel energy TRAS (Theft Risk Assessment Service) Project and Procurement Manager under the SPAA and DCUSA governance frameworks and in 2016 it was given the contract to manage the support and administration of the live TRAS service.  TRAS provides leads for suppliers who then go on to investigate whether a theft is taking place.   ElectraLink also manages the support and administration of the ETTOS (Energy Theft Tip-Off service).

Michelle Simpson, Contract and Procurement Manager at ElectraLink, who manages the contracts with Experian and Crimestoppers said:  ‘We have been instrumental in helping the industry to embed energy theft services, having been involved in TRAS since its inception.  We are very proud of this initiative which remains globally unique. ElectraLink is fully committed to continuously improving overall industry performance including the delivery of theft best practice documentation, to help parties fulfill their licence obligations, and is working with the Allocation of Unidentified Gas Expert (AUGE) and the Performance Assurance Committee (PAC) on theft identification.  Siloed traditions are changing and the energy sector is determined to collaborate to achieve the best outcomes.’

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