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Our attendance at the HSE Energy Conference yesterday, exploring the topic of ‘The Future of Gas’, provided us with great insight to important health and safety considerations, and activities across the gas industry. ElectraLink champion the need for our energy industry to work more closely together, and make governance an enabler for change whilst carefully managing end-customer perceptions and safety.

There was exciting discussion around feasibility of widescale hydrogen use in gas networks with potentially less network reinforcement required when compared to the future demands on the electricity grid. However, carefully coordinated publicity and joined-up governance both in the UK and further afield will be a key success criterion. Meanwhile, better alignment of both electricity and gas industry processes is underway in support of faster switching and the preparation for the Retail Energy Code.  There are simplifications of many operational codes currently in play to deliver a better customer experience.

The energy industry faces multiple challenges ahead, however, good governance and communication will be just as powerful an enabler as the complex energy solutions of the future that are currently being progressed.