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By Lauren Nicholls, Metering Manager

Late last year the team were ‘forced’ to move to a lovely new office in Holborn because we were bursting at the seams with new staff!  Now we’ve had time to gauge our surroundings and get to grips with the various restaurants, coffee (and cocktail) establishments in the area, we are ready to kick 2018 off with some big plans that will support our continued growth.

The Governance Services Team was the fastest growing team at ElectraLink in 2017 and is always considering how best to help its customers navigate the transformative change in the industry that can sometimes be difficult to keep up with. Our team is committed to continually improving the standards within the codes that we operate by identifying problems and solutions with a long-range telescope  – and by recruiting a team of experts with the right set of skills to get the ‘job done’. Within the team we have varying experts in providing secretariat support, project management, risk management, industry procurements, data modelling, vast ranging technical expertise … and more.

With the entire industry shifting to a smarter network and smart world, we are very much being kept on our toes. As such, we are not only getting out and about to meet like-minded folk in the sector to improve our understanding of all these changes, we are also keen to share what we know.

This is why we are kicking off 2018 with a suite of webinars, which we hope you will find informative and useful.  The schedule will be outlined in due course but in the meantime, we wanted to introduce some of our team via a video which was filmed on an unusually bright day in the last quarter of 2017. You can check it out here: