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On Friday 3rd of November 2017, ElectraLink responded to Ofgem’s Faster Switching Consultation (‘Delivering Faster and More Reliable Switching: proposed new switching arrangements’).

Our response covered four main arguments:

  • The existing Data Transfer Network (DTN) for the GB energy industry can meet both the functional requirements of the Switching Programme and Ofgem’s aims for competitively sourced solutions for the CSS.
  • The MIS and Performance Assurance regime should not be excluded from the switching programme as we believe they both improve the efficiency and reliability of the overall switching service.
  • The consolidation and standardisation of retail gas and electricity code governance under the REC is the best way to manage and simplify retail code governance.
  • The metering codes should be managed through a single code, separate code to the REC, reflecting the operational nature of these codes and to enable synergies to be realised.

To read our response in detail, please take a look here:

ElectraLink’s response to Ofgem’s consultation ‘Delivering Faster and More Reliable Switching’_Final

If you would like to speak to us our response, feel free to get in touch via [email protected].