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Chris Anastasi was appointed in August as independent chairperson to lead the SPAA Executive Committee, and he has fully embraced his new role, already leading the committee through an exciting and changing period for SPAA.

Chris Anastasi was until very recently Special Advisor for ENGIE Energy UK (previously GDF SUEZ). He had previously held the post of Head of Government Affairs, Policy and Regulation with ENGIE, having joined the Company in April 2010.  His experience includes extensive knowledge of the energy sector and climate change and other environmental issues.

He has acted as an expert and adviser in the industry and the corporate sector, most recently with EDF Energy and before that with Shell International. He has worked in academia, first as Senior Lecturer at the University of York and then Visiting Professor at the University of Maastricht.  Chris has been a member of a number of Government Committees and Advisory Boards in the UK and elsewhere. Until very recently, he was Vice-Chair of the Emissions Trading Group and was a member of DECC’s Projections Advisory Board and UKERC’s Advisory Board.

The Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA) sets out the inter-operational arrangements between gas suppliers and transporters in the UK retail market. These arrangements include policy regulations, governance services and assessing the impacts of changes across the gas industry, and more recently, dual fuel governance solutions for the gas and electricity market.

Stuart Lacey, Chief Executive Officer at ElectraLink said: “The energy sector, including the retail gas market, is going through an unprecedented and unique period of change.  SPAA plays an important role in the management of future developments and the appointment of an independent Chair will help to improve engagement and minimise risk as the gas market makes this transition.  Chris has a thorough understanding of how to work with energy market participants and help them progress towards common goals, address fresh issues and diplomatically resolve resistance to change.  As code administrators for SPAA, ElectraLink is delighted to be working with him.”

Chris Anastasi, Chair of SPAA Executive Committee, said, “I am delighted to have been appointed the Independent Chair of the SPAA Executive Committee.  The Committee, with the excellent support of Electralink experts, plays an important role in managing key aspects of the SPAA Agreement, for the benefit of industry and consumers. The operational arrangements for the industry continue to evolve, and this will continue with a number of new initiatives over the next few years. I believe the Executive Committee can play its role in ensuring a smooth and timely transition to the new arrangements.”

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