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ElectraLink, the UK’s energy market data hub, in collaboration with the energy sector, and on behalf of SPAA, has completed a substantial project which provides online access for customers to a standardised documentation set, called the Online RGMA Data Flow Catalogue. This new catalogue provides details of all the RGMA (gas) flows in a user friendly and searchable format and ensures all participants are aware of and adhering to the same set of rules, while the new online format enables interested parties to run queries, and to access necessary documentation.


The RGMA Data Flow Catalogue contains details of standard data items and data flows that all market participants should use to transfer metering details, to facilitate metering competition and to ensure core retail market processes continue to be carried out efficiently. The use of standardised industry formats improves the consistency of data to and from gas market participants, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.


The RGMA Data Flow Catalogue has been implemented in parallel with an updated RGMA Baseline Document which sets out the end to end processes that should be followed by market participants using RGMA data flows.  This document has undergone a full review to improve the clarity of the information and remove redundant clauses.


Stefan Leedham, Acting Head of Governance Services said, “As the energy market evolves, new communication requirements are being defined. ElectraLink runs the only established central messaging and communications network that can transmit both gas and electricity data flows between suppliers and their agents. We see continued growth of these services and are delighted that OVO energy have chosen ElectraLink to deliver gas data transfer in support of their smart metering implementation project.”


“Moving the catalogue online was a logical step. Following the successful delivery of this project, we continue to collaborate with the sector, reviewing and updating the contents of the Catalogue as required, to reflect processes and removing duplication and inefficiency. Our expertise in data management and modelling, process analytics, flow definition and change management, as well as long-running support for SPAA, has given us excellent knowledge of the gas sector, its participants, and its processes.”