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ElectraLink’s Data Transfer Service (DTS) and the Data Transfer Service Agreement (DTSA), are governed by the new DTS User Group, which started on 1st April and had its first meeting in May.

The DTS User group consists of a collection of individuals representing constituencies and has been expanded from ten voting members to thirteen voting members plus one non-voting member representing the Master Registration Agreement Service Company (MRASCo).

The DTS User Group acts as a forum for users regarding anything that relates to the DTS or the DTSA. The increase in the size of the group reflects the requirement for broader industry participation, ensuring gas-only suppliers are represented for the first time and that smaller suppliers and iDNOs can have specific representation. The DTS facilitates competition by providing non-differentiated access to market data.

Paul Gath, Chief Technical Officer at ElectraLink, said: “Special provisions for smaller suppliers, DNOs and the introduction of non-voting membership which supports cross-code working reflects the changing market we are now operating in. The DTS is increasingly required as a dual fuel data exchange mechanism, and must be agile and responsive, as the energy industry increasingly moves towards an environment reliant on data.”