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The Distribution Connection and Use of Service Agreement (DCUSA), a code delivered by ElectraLink, the UK energy market data hub and established leader in managing energy governance arrangements, has received the highest overall satisfaction score in a new study commissioned by Ofgem and published yesterday afternoon.

Respondents, all interacting with the 11 UK energy market codes, were asked a selection of questions via the telephone or online, between 22 November 2016 and 24 January 2017.  The purpose of the study was to monitor and assess the service provided by the code administrators, for each of the codes that they administer.

Of those registered with DCUSA, 83% reported overall satisfaction with the code, which was the highest recorded score of all the codes in the study. A total of 204 interviews were carried out in total.

DCUSA is a multi-party contract between licensed distributors, suppliers and generators of Great Britain, enabling suppliers to connect and use electricity networks to transport electricity to their customers.

DCUSA recently celebrated 10 years’ with ElectraLink, the UK Energy Market data hub, which has continued to secure the contract through competitive procurement. ElectraLink, which uniquely operates at the heart of the energy market through its centralised Data Transfer Service (the DTS), helps deliver the smooth running of the agreement while managing significant industry change.

Stefan Leedham, Acting Head of Governance Services, said: “For DCUSA to receive the highest overall score despite having an administration budget significantly lower than many of the other codes, is testament to the ElectraLink team’s hard work, diverse skill set and commitment to customer service.”

“The industry is experiencing major transformation, with new regimes and regulations being put in place to improve industry processes. Our clients’ needs are changing and we must help manage that change.”