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ElectraLink’s regulated Data Transfer Service (DTS) has been awarded two additional gas flows to be transferred across our network, supporting communications within the gas industry.

In addition to the Notification of Old Supplier Information (NOSI) data flow awarded last year, ElectraLink is delighted to confirm that the DTS has been chosen as the service to transmit the Resolution of Erroneous Transfer (RET) and the Supplier Agreed Read (SAR) data flows for all domestic gas market suppliers, going live May 5th, 2017.

The gas industry raised questions around potential data protection implications with the exchange of industry data flows through email. In making the decision to mandate the use of the DTS, the gas market recognised the benefit of all domestic suppliers exchanging data in a standard format utilising a data transfer mechanism which is low cost, secure and accessible to all suppliers, regardless of their size. In April 2016, SPAA Parties sought to address these issues by mandating a common data exchange mechanism – the Data Transfer Network (DTN) – for the exchange of NOSI flows, for domestic gas Suppliers.

SPAA Parties have requested to streamline the RET and SAR processes by extending the DTS Service for the exchange of these flows. ElectraLink is extending the Data Transfer Service to include the transfer of these additional gas flows on a regulated basis and is currently working with clients to configure their gateway connections to the DTS with the RET and SAR flows before May 5th. The NOSI, RET and SAR data flows are governed by the Supplier Point Administration Agreement (SPAA). With full user group approval, ElectraLink was delighted to amend the DTS Agreement to support these changes.

What do these flows do for domestic gas suppliers?

  • Notification of Supplier Information (NOSI) – supports the change of supplier events by offering this RGMA flow as a regulated service mandated for domestic gas suppliers;
  • Resolution of Erroneous Transfer (RET) – resolves situations whereby customers have accidentally switched to a new energy supplier without their consent; and
  • Supplier Agreed Read (SAR) – agrees reads, facilitates the exchange of data between Suppliers involved until a read has been agreed.

You can visit our Gas Guidance page for more information.

For further information, please contact either [email protected] or the DTS Helpdesk at [email protected].