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ElectraLink, provider of data transfer, governance and data analytics services to the UK gas and electricity markets, is celebrating its ten-year anniversary as a central code administrator for The Distribution Connection and Use of Service Agreement (DCUSA).  The central body, which has operated at the heart of the energy market since 1997, helps deliver the smooth running of the agreement while managing significant industry change.

The DCUSA agreement created an ‘industry rule book’ which is managed by ElectraLink, enabling suppliers to connect and use electricity networks to transport electricity to their customers. ElectraLink, which secured the contract through competitive procurement, provides secretarial, corporate management and administrative support to DCUSA.dcusa-10-yr-bday

The DCUSA is a living agreement that evolves to meet the changing needs of the energy market.  Hundreds of Change Proposals have been developed and implemented to date, delivering significant benefits to the electricity industry to support market change.

Stefan Leedham, Director of Governance Services, said: “Our experience within the team coupled with the fantastic growth we have seen – over 100% since October 2015 – means we are able to provide a first-rate and cost effective service, with a deep understanding of the energy market.  DCUSA has chosen to extend our contract several times since the contract was first procured and we are proud of our history over the past decade. These are fascinating yet challenging times for the energy sector, and we remain committed to being a trusted and collaborative industry partner while operating at the forefront of change, delivering solutions to a range of complex industry problems.”

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