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London, UK – 29 September 2016: ElectraLink, provider of regulated data transfer services to the gas and electricity markets, governance and data analytics services, launched its Smart Insight: Accelerator Service at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), while holding its first Smart Meter Readiness Event.

The data analytics the central body provides with this service includes geographic visualisation and ‘hot spot’ identification of potentially problematic post-codes or post-code sectors, with historical data collected over a four-year period. These vital insights are being continually updated by live data generated by the market and energy suppliers, who are responsible for the roll-out programme, meter installers, and distribution network operators (DNO’s) to plan schedule and maximise the success of first-time smart meter installations, significantly reducing costs as well as negative impact on their customers.

The smart metering implementation roll-out is already well underway and is a major UK infrastructure programme, with significant implications for the UK energy sector.  ElectraLink’s data indicates that to date 3 million smart electricity meters have been installed in the UK, with a very positive response.

ElectraLink’s Smart Readiness Event, which welcomed key speakers and audience members from across the industry, sought to explore the serious risks and challenges that face the sector – now and in future – as well as to highlight some of the significant successes to date and the reasons for them.

Emerging themes included:

• The importance of on-going communication across the sector (such as utilities and third parties) and co-ordination of efforts throughout the roll-out
• The need for major ramp-up across all areas
• The importance of planning and benchmarking and
• Key insights and data can ensure significantly improved outcomes for all participants.

ElectraLink’s data insight revealed 150,000 meter installations are now taking place a month, with significant regional and local variations, and a complex range of potential pitfalls.  For example, the data reveals very high rates of DNO installation failures in central London, while conversely, installation success rates are much better in Kent and Sussex.

Nick Blake, ElectraLink Head of Data Analytics, said: “While we have seen good progress, there is a substantial gap between the 2020 target and current install rates. The role of market data is crucial in driving-first time installation success, widely regarded as being key to the on-going success of the roll-out.

ElectraLink operates at the centre of the energy market with access to key data that can deliver real business value.  Our analytics and insights service uniquely offers the energy sector the opportunity to cut problems off at the pass and can make a real difference as part of a package of ‘smart’ measures.”

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