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As part of its obligation to provide Data Transfer Service (DTS) users with advance notification of indicative pricing for the upcoming calendar year, ElectraLink is pleased to announce that effective from 01 January 2017 all DTS Charges (Traffic Charges, Supplier Charges and Gateway Rental Charges) will remain unchanged.

This follows a series of price reductions on 01 January 2015, 01 January 2016 and again on 01 July 2016, and is in line with the expectation communicated to users on 29 September 2015 that there would be no increase in DTS charges in 2017.

This indicative notification of 2017 pricing is being communicated to facilitate your business planning and budgeting processes for 2017.  Please note that the 2017 DTS Budget will be distributed to all users of the DTS in November for comment.

ElectraLink recovers the cost of providing the DTS through a combination of fixed (Gateway and Supplier) and traffic volume (Traffic) related charges.  As part of determining future DTS charges ElectraLink models a number of volume scenarios reflecting historic growth trends and the expected impact of industry changes.  Our indicative pricing for 2017 reflects the growth of data created by P272, the impact of accommodating an increasing number of regulated gas market data flows, the expected costs of accommodating other (non-settlement related) changes to industry processes and the underlying organic growth of DTS traffic over the period to 2019.

ElectraLink is committed to delivering a secure, innovative and value-for-money DTS.  Our ongoing engagement with our users and our maintenance of DTS charges at their current levels reflects this commitment.  If you have any questions on the DTS please contact us at [email protected] or on 020 7432 3012. You can also contact your DTS User Group representative. If you are unsure of who  your DTS User Group representative and you have registered with our website, you can find out by signing in and following this link. If you are not a registered user, you can become one by following the registration link at the top of the ElectraLink website homepage here.