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ElectraLink is pleased to inform our customers that charges for the use of the Data Transfer Service (DTS) will decrease from 01 July 2016

The new, reduced tariff for Traffic Charges will be £0.00177 per Kbyte which is a reduction of 15%. All other DTS charges, including Electricity Supplier Charges, NOSI Supplier Charges and Gateway Charges remain unchanged at this time.  The DTS has been providing low cost and secure data transfer for the UK electricity market since April 1998.  This is the first time in the history of the service that ElectraLink has implemented a mid-year reduction in DTS Charges.

Last year ElectraLink completed the DTS Transformation Programme.  The DTS now operates on a technology platform that accommodates traffic growth with little incremental cost.  The Programme also delivered several new virtual connection options for users of the DTS, details of which can be found here, further increasing the scalability of the service.

The graphs below detail the growth in traffic on the DTS and the number of connections to the service.  In early 2016 we saw a marked acceleration in the growth of both traffic and connections. This is driven by new suppliers entering the market, increases in the number of customers changing supplier and an increase in the number of meter installations as smart meter deployment grows. There are also industry changes which are driving the usage of the DTS for settlement, primarily the introduction of half hourly settlement for profile classes 5-8 (P.272).

ElectraLink provides the DTS to industry on a cost recovery basis.  With these increases in DTS volumes, and in light of the scalability of the service, the Board of ElectraLink has approved a 15% reduction in Traffic Charges.   This follows a reduction in Traffic Charges of 10% in January 2014, 5.5% in January 2015 and 10% at the start of 2016.   ElectraLink expects this trend of cost reduction to continue into the foreseeable future as the UK energy utilises the DTS for more regulated data transfer requirements such as the facilitation of change of supplier in the gas market.

The charges for the DTS are controlled by the DTS Charging Principles, as defined within Schedule 8 of the DTS Agreement and ElectraLink actively manages the DTS Charges to ensure we continually comply with the DTS Charging Principles.

If you have any queries regarding the new charges, please do not hesitate to contact the ElectraLink helpdesk on 020 7432 3012 or [email protected].