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ElectraLink values customer feedback and has taken significant steps to show our commitment to providing outstanding levels of service that suits our customer’s business needs.

In October 2015, ElectraLink undertook its annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, an important opportunity to listen and address customer feedback. We strive to trailer our Data Transfer Service and Governance Services to meet your growing needs in this ever changing industry. Overall, we received extremely positive results and we wanted to take the time to thank-you for your engagement and to also tell you what we have been doing to respond to your feedback.

Improving Our Routes of Communication

ElectraLink appreciates the challenges you face in keeping track of the unprecedented levels of change within the energy industry. As a result, we are introducing a number of ways to provide you with the most up to date information to keep you in the loop.

As of April 2016, the Data Transfer Service has launched a Customer Engagement Programme to enhance your customer experience and discuss what we can do to support you better. We will host a series of DTS Industry Forums focused on reviewing industry change, enhancing network services and provide you with some networking opportunities. The number of industry meetings is rising and we recognise in your feedback the opportunity to coordinate our training events as part of an ElectraLink Engagement Day. Stay tuned for information regarding these events.

In May 2016, we will be rolling out a brand new SPAA Newscast, which will highlight code changes or upcoming deadlines to be aware of. Later this year we will also be introducing an ElectraLink
e-newsletter to offer news and insights regarding code administration and network services. In addition to our improved helpdesk communication tools, the DTS is designing an ElectraLink web portal for better access to DTS user information such as web-based training and FAQs.

Increasing the Quality of Our Data Transfer Services

ElectraLink is committed to aligning the Data Transfer Service with future-focused architecture and as such, the DTS has had a complete technology refresh. We have renewed DTS gateway hardware and now offer customers the option to migrate to a secure cloud environment by providing Virtual Gateways, as well as introduced XML file format capability. We also wanted to demonstrate our commitment to supporting future market changes by increasing DTS capacity to accommodate data traffic increases beyond 2020, for example to cater for the increase of half hourly settlement as a result of change P.272. We also recognise the value of our DTS tools and later this year will roll out a suite of customisable DTS training options to help users to improve their operations.

Supporting New Entrants

As a supportive industry partner, we’ve developed a number of mechanisms to support new market entrants and smaller participants. For starters, our Welcome Packs provide guidance and a high-level overview of key obligations and procedures in relation to SPAA, DCUSA, SMICoP and the DTS. If your organisation has a new starter these documents would be a great starting point and we’ll make sure they are readily available on our websites. We have also appointed new staff members to accommodate this growing need to support new and existing customers, and strengthen our industry partnerships.

Critically Assessing the User Experience of Our Websites

We understand the importance of efficient, user friendly websites so you access the current information as quickly as possible. As a result, we have initiated an internal project to critically assess the ease of use of our websites. We are working with our Service Provider to introduce new pages to our SPAA and DCUSA websites, demonstrating our role as a ‘Critical Friend’ and what this means for supporting you.

If you would like any further information or a chance to meet our Governance Services or Data Transfer Service teams directly and understand how we can support you, please call 020 7432 3000

We always look to enhance and improve the service we provide you so if you have any feedback or suggestions, please don’t wait for our annual Customer Survey and instead contact Rebecca Vinova, Stakeholder Engagement Consultant at[email protected]