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ElectraLink welcomed the opportunity to provide the CMA with comments on the provisional decision on remedies. Our response was both supportive and mindful of the recommendations, founded on the CMA’s assessments of provisional Adverse Effects on Competition (AECs) and the consequent detriment affecting energy customers in the GB energy market.

Part A of our response focused on the remedies put forward by the CMA that related to code governance and code administration. In our view, the measures seek to reset and refresh arrangements, whilst clarifying the responsibility and roles of DECC, Ofgem and Code Administrators to ensure that future regulatory and policy decisions are robust and efficiently delivered, driven by a focus on the concern for the interest of current and future customers. Through our interaction with existing and new entrants across the energy sector, we believe that the recommended reforms will lead to welcomed consistency, consolidation and cost savings within the code governance marketplace. We also acknowledged in our response that Ofgem will be taking a central role in leading the implementation of the proposed remedies and how we looked forward to working with Ofgem to understand the detail behind the measures in order to develop and introduce the necessary changes to both industry codes and Code Administrator activities.

Due to our role as the operator of the industry DTS in which the DTS is now connected to 248 market participants and has evolved into a duel fuel data transfer analysis service, Part B of our response focused on the remedies that relate to data in the electricity and gas markets. Our main focus was on offering expertise and insight to help support the remedies around the movement to half hourly settlement, the provision of customer data through a cloud service, data transparency and Price Comparison website and the Debt Assignment Protocol.

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