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ElectraLink’s regulated Data Transfer Service (DTS) has been upgraded to support an important data transfer requirement in the change of supplier process.

In January 2016, ElectraLink announced that its Data Transfer Service (DTS) had been chosen as the service to transmit the Notification of Old Supplier Information (NOSI) data flow for all domestic gas market suppliers. We’re pleased to confirm that this service went live, on time, on 1 April 2016.

In order to achieve this, the DTS agreement (DTSA) was amended to:

  • enable all gas suppliers to accede to the DTSA;
  • establish suitable Gas Charging Principles; and
  • facilitate gas-only suppliers’ representation on the DTS User Group.

The vast majority of suppliers are dual fuel and ElectraLink has connected a small number of gas only organisations to deliver 100% coverage of domestic gas suppliers.

The DTS is now connected to 246 market participants in gas and electricity, including all 43 dual fuel suppliers operating in these markets.  From its origins as a service to support competition in the retail electricity market, the DTS has evolved into a dual fuel data transfer service, regulated by Ofgem, governed by industry and delivering data defined by the MRA, BSC and now SPAA.

To find out more information about this new service, please look here.

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