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ElectraLink’s regulated Data Transfer Service (DTS) has been chosen by the gas market to support an important data transfer requirement in the change of supplier process.

ElectraLink is delighted to confirm that the DTS has been chosen as the service to transmit the Notification of Old Supplier Information (NOSI) data flow for all domestic gas market suppliers. This data flow enables new and old suppliers to exchange important information when a customer switches to ensure the gas change of supplier process is successful.

The NOSI data flow is governed by the Supplier Point Administration Agreement (SPAA). ElectraLink was delighted to amend, with DTS User Group approval, the DTS agreement to allow all domestic gas suppliers to accede joining all of the UK’s electricity suppliers which are already party to the agreement and use the DTS.

The NOSI flow adds to a growing list of regulated data flows supported on the DTS, including most recently the data flows supporting Electricity Market Reform (EMR). ElectraLink is now working with the gas industry to connect all gas suppliers to the DTS by the agreed deadline of April 1st 2016.

In making the decision to mandate the use of the DTS, the gas market recognised the benefit of all domestic suppliers exchanging data in a standard format utilising a data transfer mechanism which is low cost, secure and accessible to all suppliers, large and small.
ElectraLink is looking forward to welcoming gas suppliers to the DTS. If you are a gas supplier and would like to find out more information about this new service, please look here.

For further assistance please contact [email protected] or call 020 7432 3012