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ElectraLink highlights the recent changes implemented to the DTS.

An established network. A new infrastructure.

The Utilities industry is currently in flux, with new regulatory frameworks, increased competition from smaller suppliers, Smart Metering, and the Energy Market Reform project. These changes mean that more data will need to be shared between everyone in the industry, and inevitable changes to how it happens.

Since 1998, ElectraLink’s Data Transfer Service has provided a regulated, robust way for electricity suppliers and other market participants to send crucial industry data to each other. Over that time, we have seen a sixfold increase in the usage of our network and improvements in the average time needed to switch supplier.

17 years on, we have now radically restructured our network to give you much lower costs and more opportunities to expand your data transfer capacity in the energy and utilities markets. There are huge benefits that come with using ElectraLink for data transfer and transactional programmes, especially if the data being transferred is subject to a regulatory framework.
Why use ElectraLink?

• We are connected to the whole of the electricity market and over 80% of the gas market – the infrastructure is already established for industry-wide data transfer and can be quickly expanded to add new users at low, incremental cost. We already process nearly 3 million industry transmissions per month, including around 350,000 change-of-supply events and 150,000 meter installations – 30,000 of which are for Smart Meters.

• Our central position in the market means that participants can save on costs by using our existing infrastructure rather than developing their own or engaging a supplier from outside the industry.

• We can offer the assurance of an established industry standard – an unparalleled service level and a highly robust architecture to ensure reliable and accurate data transmission.

• We have nearly 20 years of experience in applying changing regulations to data transfer systems, so your data will always be handled according to the up-to-date industry codes.
A new, cutting-edge network infrastructure

• ElectraLink employs an industry-strength HP Corporate Cloud with highly flexible and secure open source connection software. This is a virtual, private cloud hosted in HP’s controlled data centres, and offers flexibility, scalability and security. Full encryption is offered.

• We employ routing and audit/validation tools as standard, to ensure that data is transmitted and stored with the necessary checks and balances. By comparison, the DCC and MOSL networks push the costs of these onto users – which potentially results in different levels of reliability across a network.

• Importantly, our network allows communication from any user to any other user. This is an advantage over the DCC and MOSL networks, which require all transmissions to go via a single hub.

• Newer file formats such as XML are also supported. XML is one of the most widely-used formats of data exchange, and enables transmissions with more complex structures, which may be stipulated in new regulatory codes.

• We now have the ability to prioritise network traffic, which means we can offer real-time transactions not affected by existing batch traffic.

• We offer a variety of network connection options (on-site server or VPN with full backup comms links, or public Internet) at a range of prices, depending on your organisation’s needs.
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