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ElectraLink adds Northern Powergrid Metering to the list of Gas market participants using the DTN for RGMA communications.

In support of its Gas Meter Asset Provision business, Northern Powergrid Metering Limited is using ElectraLink’s RGMA messaging services based on ElectraLink’s Data Transfer Network (DTN) to communicate with its Suppliers. This allows Northern Powergrid Metering to use the same network for both Gas and Electricity communications thus reducing complexity and cost whilst at the same time benefiting from the security and audit facilities of the network.

In preparation for the national Smart Meter Rollout, Northern Powergrid Metering is expanding its Gas meter asset provision services to support Energy Suppliers as they rollout meters throughout the country. Alongside Northern Powergrid Metering, ElectraLink’s RGMA services are currently used by 5 of the major Energy Suppliers, as well as several of the smaller Suppliers and several Meter Asset Managers within the gas industry.”