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Collaborative working driving improved industry assurance.

ElectraLink has worked with ELEXON in developing a new service to improve the performance assurance of electricity Settlement.

After a 4 month initial trial period ELEXON has committed to a 3 year contract with ElectraLink to provide data services to support their Performance Assurance Framework (PAF). The PAF is the primary tool used by ELEXON to ensure that allocations of energy and the associated Trading Charges are performed in line with the requirements detailed in the BSC.

ElectraLink’s ability to extract and load Data Transfer Service (DTS) data files into a structured data analytics environment provides ELEXON with an industry-wide view of specific data flows that underpin key Settlement processes.
Access to this data will enable ELEXON to gain much greater insight into current industry performance, and will help enhance the range of PAF techniques that ELEXON deploys such as the BSC Audit by offering a more targeted approach.  Through this innovative solution Electralink and ELEXON are seeking to provide a better service for customers.
ElectraLink Business Development Director Gavin Jones says: “This is a great example of how the use of our Energy Market Insight is helping the electricity industry improve the quality of its activities at the same time reducing its costs.”
ELEXON Metering and Disputes Manager Douglas Alexander says: “We are always looking for ways to improve our service and provide more value to industry.  This service we have developed with ElectraLink should achieve both.”

ELEXON is vital to the smooth operation of the wholesale electricity market, managing the complex systems and processes that compare how much electricity Generators and Suppliers had contracted to produce or consume with their actual volumes. This calculation is done 48 times a day and involves managing 1.25 million meter readings every day and transferring over £1.5 billion of the electricity industry’s funds each year.
The rules are set out in the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC). ELEXON administers the Code and provides and procures the services needed to implement it. Its expertise and impartiality give the industry the confidence that the BSC operates efficiently and accurately.