A leading commercial MAP uses ElectraLinks Energy Market Insight Service

October 13, 2014

A leading commercial MAP uses ElectraLinks Energy Market Insight Service to improve their meter asset records.

ElectraLink are providing a leading commercial Meter Asset Provider (MAP) with a reporting service to help them identify any discrepancies between their view of their meter assets and how the information is being reported across the Data Transfer Service.

In the British deregulated electricity market, the funding of meters is undertaken by Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) acting as agents for energy suppliers. This service has to function within a market structure under which who supplies the energy, and who installs services and removes the meter can change.

In the majority of cases, all the participants follow the industry process correctly, all the right messages are sent, and everyone’s data gets updated correctly. Unfortunately, in reality this does not always happen. For example messages may not get sent correctly, companies systems may not record the changes consistently , activities may take place on customers premises, for instance in emergency situations, and not be properly communicated. All of these lead to data problems, and for MAPs the potential for losing track of who should pay the rent for their assets.

As the Smart Meter programme activity increases, the volume of change on the existing legacy meters will substantially grow. Hence the importance of having an accurate view of where each meter is and which supplier is responsible becomes more and more important in driving down costs. By using ElectraLink’s detailed reports on their asset base, the MAP is able to identify cases where they may not have been notified about changes or to identify potential discrepancies between their and supplier and their agent’s records.

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