ElectraLink industry data provides visibility of how the energy market is performing

January 29, 2014

Energy UK recognises the value of the energy market data supplied in ElectraLink’s Central Reporting Services.

As part of a contract with Energy UK, a trade association for the energy industry, ElectraLink is providing information on the performance of the retail electricity market, showing the number of customers switching supplier each month, the numbers moving from big suppliers to small suppliers and the average time to switch. This data has been used by Energy UK to brief those interested in the performance of the market, and has been picked up by a number of commentators including Brian Milligan of the BBC here.

ElectraLink BD Director Gavin Jones says “with the costs of energy rising it is vital that industry is doing all in its powers to improve the operation of energy market.  The users of the DTS have allowed ElectraLink to analyse the industry process data that passes across our network with the express purpose of providing insight to improve industry performance and provide better services to consumers.  This report to Energy UK is a great example of how our data gives really valuable insight to the important debate on change of supplier (COS) currently underway“.

For a copy of the case study describing Energy UK and ElectraLink working together to provide greater COS transparency click here.