ElectraLink – Response to Energy Market Reform: Consultation on DECC Proposals

December 23, 2013

In response to DECC’s consultation on Energy Market Reform, ElectraLink has highlighted how existing industry infrastructure is being considered to support the reforms.

ElectraLink has responded to DECC’s consultation on the Energy Market Reform proposals. In accordance with our central role as service provider of the Data Transfer Service (DTS) to the GB electricity market we have focused our response on those areas most closely aligned with our experience, knowledge and core competencies.

The response explains how the existing ElectraLink Data Transfer Service is a secure, cost effective data transfer service which should be considered for transferring this important new market data between ELEXON and industry parties. It is anticipated, subject to a detailed impact assessment, that this can be done at no incremental cost to industry by utilising spare capacity on the underlying infrastructure. Please find the full response here.