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Ofgem announced on 30th May 2013 that it had accepted the request from the DNOs to allow ElectraLink to provide data services to the electricity industry.

ElectraLink welcomes Ofgem’s consent announced on 30th May 2013 to ElectraLink’s provision of data, market and support services to the electricity industry. Ofgem says in its determination “We consider that allowing ElectraLink to explore additional data, market and infrastructure support services for businesses in the electricity industry, will potentially benefit both DTS Users and other industry parties. For example DTS Users could benefit by helping to foster a more commercial and innovative environment. This view is reinforced by the general support of DTS Users for ElectraLink offering these services.”

This decision supports the development by ElectraLink of services based on the analysis of the data carried on the Data Transfer Network (DTS). These Data Services provide industry with greater insight into market processes e.g. change of supplier, and will allow industry participants to track at a post code sector level smart meter deployment and the associated installation issues. ElectraLink is also working with future users of the Data Communications Company (DCC) to facilitate their connection to the DCC User Gateway utilising the procurement skills, service management and infrastructure that deliver the DTS.

Commenting on the decision Stuart Lacey, ElectraLink’s Chief Executive said “ElectraLink is very pleased that Ofgem has recognised how our innovation can benefit DTS Users and other industry parties. We have demonstrated how, with the support of our users, data analytics technology can be used with DTS data to provide valuable insight.  We look forward to working with industry on this and other initiatives to help improve their operations and provide one of the foundations of a smooth and efficient smart meter rollout”.

The full Ofgem determination can be found on the Ofgem website at