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ElectraLink has been appointed as the Theft Risk Assessment Service Project and Procurement Manager to procure a central service to assess the risk of theft of gas at consumer premises on behalf of the UK gas suppliers.

Theft of gas increases the costs to suppliers, which will then factor through to consumers via their tariffs, and can have serious safety consequences.  It also leads to a misallocation of costs among suppliers, which can distort competition and hamper the efficient functioning of the market.

Under direction from Ofgem, new licence obligations on gas suppliers to detect, prevent and investigate theft came into effect on 7 January 2013.  The Authority has issued a Direction to gas suppliers to implement a central service to assess the risk of theft of gas at consumer premises and so help target theft investigations by 31 March 2014.

ElectraLink has been appointed as the TRAS Project and Procurement Manager and will work collectively with gas suppliers, under the SPAA governance framework, to gather the requirements and procure the central service on the gas suppliers’ behalf.

ElectraLink is well placed to fulfil this role. We have been supporting the TRAS Working Group since its inception in November 2012 and have a detailed understanding of the SPAA governance processes in our role as Code Administrator.  ElectraLink has a proven track record of managing technical service procurement, design, development, implementation, testing and operation of similar services as well as practised use of well-established project management principles to reduce project risk.

For further information about the TRAS Project please visit here or send us an email at [email protected]