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In response to a request for information, ElectraLink advises DECC that there are regulated and commercial options for facilitating the Foundation Phase of SMIP and that whilst a regulated or commercial solution is likely to cost and function similarly, a commercial solution could be delivered more efficiently and quicker than a regulated one.

On 1 March 2013, ElectraLink responded to a request for information by DECC. In particular, DECC sought ElectraLink’s views, as a central body, on the likely costs of implementing two new supply licence conditions aimed at facilitating the Foundation Phase of the Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP).  DECC had consulted on these conditions at the end of 2012.

ElectraLink’s response here summarised the options for delivering solutions that would facilitate these licence conditions. For example, complementing existing processes with new or amended data flows and processes, or a data service that could automate the reporting of meter asset provider (MAP) details to suppliers. The response also considered the means and estimated costs of developing and implementing these technical solutions. Our response highlighted that whilst the costs and overall solution developed under a regulated or commercial approach are likely to be similar, a commercial approach is likely to deliver a solution more quickly than one implemented through the regulated change processes in the industry codes. A commercial solution might also enable the design of a solution that was flexible to the needs of individual maket participants.