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ElectraLink shows the value of reusing existing infrastructure and centralised reporting to keep costs down within the Smart Meter Implementation Programme.

ElectraLink responds to the Energy and Climate Change Committee call for evidence on smart meter rollout, showing how consumer and industry’s costs can be minimised by using existing industry infrastructure and processes, and having centralised reporting based on existing industry data.

In ElectraLink’s submission, we show how exploiting existing infrastructure has the advantages of already being used, understood by the industry, integrated into market participants’ systems and industry processes, and avoids the costs and risks of designing and implementing alternative (potentially duplicate) solutions from first principles.

Similarly having a well coordinated programme is going to be crucial to Consumer’s experience of smart meters, as well as keeping industry costs as low as possible. The provision of centralised reporting using existing industry data can reduce costs for industry and provide greater clarity to all those involved in the programme. ElectraLink’s data services can be one such source of this centralised reporting, for instance as already used to provide the maps of smart meter installations shown here on the ElectraLink website.

ElectraLink’s full response can be found here.