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ElectraLink has responded to DECC’s consultation on Stage 1 of the Smart Energy Code (SEC). We have used our in-depth knowledge of current industry arrangements and experience as a Code Administrator and Secretariat, in commenting on the proposed SEC arrangements and legal drafting.

ElectraLink supports the Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA), the Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) and the Data Transfer Service Agreement (DTSA), and provides secretariat services to the Distribution Charging Methodologies Forum (DCMF).  These arrangements and codes share features with the proposed governance framework for the SEC. We have used our experience in managing these codes over the last nine years to respond to DECC’s consultation on the SEC.

Our response focuses on the set up of the modification process, a key procedure within the enduring SEC and within the transition arrangements.  We also comment on procurement and management of services, and the need to consider the depth and breadth of the SEC Code Administrator and Secretariat in terms of the level of “intelligent secretariat” required.

ElectraLink’s full response can be found here