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ElectraLink’s Governance Services Team welcomes two new recruits. Verena Leckebush and Claire Hynes have joined ElectraLink’s growing Governance Services Team.

Beth Brown ElectraLink’s Governance Services Manager welcomes her two latest team members Verena and Claire.

Verena Leckebusch has joined the Governance Services team to support the DCUSA and SPAA codes, in particular the MAMCoP arrangements newly brought under the SPAA.  Beth Brown adds “Delivering a quality service to our customers across the scope of the SPAA and DCUSA adds significant value to the industry. Verena has a strong background in the secretariat function, and in energy policy at an EU level.  She brings knowledge, skills and experience that compliment those already in the team.  We are extremely pleased to have her on board.”

Claire Hynes has joined the Governance Services team to support the DCUSA change process.  Beth Brown comments that “Providing an efficient and effective change process for the DCUSA is critical for an efficient and effective code.  Claire has a background in the energy industry and in managing processes that deliver high standards of customer service.  I am delighted she has joined the team.  Her understanding of the challenges our customers face, and her capabilities and skills add to the governance services team at a time when DCUSA Parties are looking to us to more actively support them with a change portfolio that is increasing in volume and complexity.”