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ElectraLink takes on the governance of the Gas Meter Asset Management Code of Practice (MAMCoP) from today (29th August) as an extension of its role as the SPAA Code Administrator

In the latest expansion of ElectraLink’s Governance Services business, the governance of the Gas Meter Asset Manager Code of Practice (MAMCoP), and arrangements for MAMs’ accreditation against it, came under the gas Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA) from today (29 August 2012).  The arrangements had previously been operated by Ofgem, who initiated the transition to the SPAA in 2011.  Ofgem cited the rationale for the move as its commitment to the principles of better regulation and the ability of the SPAA to provide appropriate representation for all relevant parties for the MAMCoP arrangements.

As the SPAA Code Administrator, ElectraLink will be delivering the MAMCoP arrangements.  This includes progressing change proposals, administering the MAMCoP Board, providing advice and guidance to MAMs / interested parties and maintaining the MAMCoP webpage (link). We will also be providing contractual support as the SPAA Company Secretary for the outsourced contract to the MAMCoP Registration Agent (currently Lloyd’s Register).

Particularly with the roll out of smart metering, the role of MAMs is very important.  A transparent governance and change framework provides flexibility for the standards MAMs must adhere to, to develop with changing industry requirements.  ElectraLink is very pleased to be able to deliver this support to the MAMs and SPAA Parties, as an extension of our existing role.  The subject matter aligns with other areas of our business and we are excited to have another opportunity to contribute to efficient and effective operation of the energy market.

Beth Brown, ElectraLink’s Governance Services Manager comments “This is a great example of how ElectraLink’s expanding capabilities are being recognised and used by industry.  These new areas of expertise will be critical for the new governance opportunities that the roll out of Smart Metering will bring, and ElectraLink looks forward to continuing to grow this important area of our business”.