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ElectraLink has been awarded its first Data Services contract to provide one of the Big 6 retailers with detailed sales performance reports versus the rest of the market.

This insight will enable them to better monitor and manage their sales and marketing strategies.

This contract is the first to be placed with ElectraLink following approval earlier this year from ElectraLink’s users for it to provide Data Services.  These analysis and reporting services are based on the data flowing across ElectraLink’s Data Transfer Network, which links the market participants, so that they can improve their operations, both by benchmarking their own performance against the rest of industry, and by investigating specific problem cases. Since gaining that approval, ElectraLink has been working with Energy Suppliers, Distribution Network Operators and other energy organisations to develop new services.

ElectraLink sits at the heart of the UK Electricity industry, connecting as it does the suppliers, network companies and other parties as well as providing data, professional and governance services to the industry.

Commenting on this award ElectraLink’s CEO Stuart Lacey said “With so much change underway it is essential that the energy industry makes the best use of all the information it has at its disposal so that it can provide reliable and cost effective energy to consumers. This contract with a major supplier recognises the value of the data that ElectraLink is in a unique position to collect and analyse, demonstrating how industry is working with us to explore new and innovative ways of getting value from this data.”