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ElectraLink has launched a dedicated webpage for the Green Deal to give Suppliers and Providers all the information they need to use the DTN to communicate all their Green Deal transactions.

ElectraLink as the provider of the network that connects Green Deal Suppliers and Providers has just launched its latest set of information and training on how these Green Deal participants should connect to the Data Transfer Network (DTN).  The new dedicated website page provides access to guides, factsheets, agreements, and training videos to ensure that participants find the whole process as simple and straightforward as possible.  ElectraLink believes the DTN was chosen to be extended to support the Green Deal because of its ease of connection, secure and cost effective operation, and that so many of the participants were already DTN users and familiar with the benefits it provides.

The publication of this latest information highlights the focus which ElectraLink has in making it as easy as possible for both suppliers and providers to set up their processes and systems so that they can be up and running ready for the launch later this year.